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Jason Webb

Parametric 3D-printable two-part mold generator for OpenSCAD

November 2012

In previousposts I’ve discussed the development process of a couple of OpenSCAD scripts I’ve made to generate two-part molds from arbitrary STL models, along with some documentation of casting experiments I’ve tried so far. Now I think I’ve got the scripts working well enough to release into the wild, so I went ahead and published them on Thingiverse under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license!

I’ve tried to be very thorough in my instructions and documentation, so that anyone can start generating two-part molds and get casting quickly. All of the source files are available for free on Thingiverse using the following link.

Parametric two-part mold generator for OpenSCAD on Thingiverse

This Thing was featured on November 28th – my first ever! How cool is that?