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Jason Webb

WebAR holiday card for Bluecadet

January 2022

Each year around the holidays, Bluecadet usually creates a fun holiday-themed experience built using tech or knowledge that the team learned over the past year. This past season I teamed up with motion designer Siji Chen to produce this interactive animated scene in WebAR using 8th Wall.

Siji built the scene in Blender, then exported it as a GLB file with all the animations, textures, and lighting baked in. From there the GLB file is loaded into the 8th Wall app using Three.js, where some fancy raycasting logic gets wired up to make parts of the model interactive on tap. First you have to tap a wrapped present to open it up, then you can tap on individual parts of the scene for little easter egg animations (like the bells and snowmen).

Try it yourself by scanning this QR code!