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Jason Webb

Atari Punk Console synthesizer build workshop for SOUNDRY camp

July 2017

As part of an intensive multi-day experimental music workshop series called SOUNDRY in Omaha, NE, I designed and facilitated a workshop for a group of young adults guiding them through the process of building and operating a DIY synthesizer from scratch.

Each student was given a custom kit of parts for an Atari Punk Console synthesizer and guided through the build process using a wiring diagram made with Fritzing. In addition to the fun of building something with their own hands, this workshop provided a great opportunity to talk about introductory electronics concepts like voltage, circuits, and what the various components do.

Every student left the class with a functioning Atari Punk Console along with a flyer of resources they can use to learn more about electronics, synthesizers, and modifications they could do to make their synth even cooler. All in all it was a great experience, and everyone left with a smile on their face!